"After a last vast interval, a seventh sun appears, and then, monks, this great Earth, and Sineru, the monarch of mountains, flare and blaze, and become one mass of flame."

seven)suns is a string quartet named after the apocalyptic Buddhist prophecy written above. They bring two related music subcultures of the modern-day working class known colloquially as Metal and Hardcore into classically-oriented performing arts. The sound of seven)suns is, by turns, driven, aggressive, dissonant and hard-edged as well as contemplative, meditative, still and serene. To incorporate the Metal and Hardcore sound into the discourse of Western art music, we perform the work of our members alongside works originating from the Western art music tradition.

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Conceived and Original Music Composed by : Earl Maneein
Video by : Lianne Arnold
Violin : Patti Kilroy & Amanda Lo
Cello : Jennifer DeVore
Viola : Earl Maneein
Vocals : Kishor Haulenbeek
Venue : Various NYC