Venue : Jack


Written by : Rafael Spregelburd
Translated by : Jean Graham-Jones
Directed by : Samuel Buggeln
Video Design by : Lianne Arnold
Set Design by : Lianne Arnold & Samuel Buggeln
Sound Design by : M.L. Dogg
Lighting Design by : Jake DeGroot
Performed by : Vin Knight (Mario Monti), Dominic Russo (The Operator)
Venue : Jack, NYC, 2016
Workshop Venue : New York Theatre Workshop, 2015

Spam takes place over 31 days presented to the audience at random. Mario Monti wakes up on Day 10 in a hotel room with total amnesia. He needs to piece together his life using only the clues left in his room – the tuxedo he wears, a pile of dolls on the floor and a laptop with almost nothing in his email client except spam. The play examines semiotics – symbols and how their meanings and significance are completely dependent on context. What is important before the amnesia event becomes inconsequential after and a completely new reality emerges. 

The crux of the video design is in how content is delivered onstage, the process it goes through to get there and how that process informs the meaning of the content. A complicated layering of analogue and digital forms create the matrix of a virtual universe of facts about our character as we learn his story before and after Day 10.


2015 Workshop