Riding the Turnpike


Riding the Turnpike

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Directed by :
Scenic & Video Design by :
Lighting Design by :
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Cindy Martinez & Debra Walsh
Steven Raider-Ginsburg
Lianne Arnold
Robyn Raley Joyce
Hartbeat Ensemble, Hartford CT


Hartbeat Ensemble tells local stories based off interviews of real people at the heart of the subject matter. Riding the Turnpike is about sex trafficking and prostitution on the Berlin Turnpike, a small stretch of road that connects New Haven to Hartford, CT. As the scenic and video designer, I thought a lot about private vs public spaces, personal presentation and performativity. The many layers of the set, projection and shadows allow for multiple psychological states of each character to be displayed at any one time. The set was composed of pink bound screens and window screens that could be opened completely, partially or closed to be projected on as well as revealing, obscuring, and breaking up the body beyond.