Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer: The Opera

*Winner Best Musical in an Intimate Theater Ovation Award 2011


"Lianne Arnold fills the commercial breaks with wacky, elaborate video fun." - Variety

"a bizarre, surreal, always brilliant hoot thanks overall production design which, chiefly due to Lianne Arnold's ingenious video designs...creates the sensation that we're part of the studio audience during a taping of what must be the sleaziest tabloid show in television history ... Arnold's video designed screen projections, a complex, varied visual enhancement that includes a glimpse of some of the protestors this staging generated." -- OC Register

"Via the magic of...Lianne Arnold's projected video images...the spell is immediately cast." -- Backstage

"Visually, Jerry Springer: The Opera is a knockout...Lianne Arnold's imaginative projection design..." -- Stage Scene LA

3 Projectors, 2 side monitors, a bank of 12 TVs revealed at the top of Act 3, 2 live feed cameras, 2 DVDs, 1 Isadora patch and loads of content.  What happens when one loses control of one’s public image?  Is the media the means for celebrity or self expression? After he is shot, the cameras are turned onto Jerry and come in tighter and tighter, until, uncomfortably close, Jerry gives his “Final Thought.”

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Trevor Biship
Caitlin Lainoff
Lianne Arnold
Anthony Tran
Brian S. Shevelenko
Casey Long
Chance Theater