Dice Thrown


Dice Thrown


John King
Stephan Koplowitz
Marc Lowenstein
Lianne Arnold
Hunter Wells
Carla Linton
Pablo Molina
Walt Disney Modular Theater

Conceived, Composed & Directed by :
Choreography by :
Musical Direction by :
Scenic Design by :
Costume Design by :
Lighting Design by :
Video Design by :
Venue :


Conceived, composed and directed by 2010 Herb Alpert Award winner John King, Dice Thrown takes it’s inspiration from the symbolist poem “Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hazard” (“A throw of the dice will never abolish chance”) by Mallarmé.  Written for three singers, six dancers and twenty-five musicians, Dice Thrown gives up control by abolishing the use of the orchestra conductor as a central organizing force in favor of a running timecode and a random number generator.  Before each performance the random number generator button is pushed resulting in new show with re-ordered and re-timed musical score and blocking paths for the singers and dancers.  All of the design elements – scenic movements, video, lights & costumes – also have randomness worked in to their order and timing independent of the changing music and independent of each other.  The result is a completely unique experience each performance as the many elements form new points of tangent each night based on chance.